There are a lot of synths out there. Here, we show you the top 5 synths of 2020.

1 Korg ARP 2600 FS

This monster reissue included both filters from the original’s various revisions, a new arpeggio and sequencer with midi/USB connectivity, both were invented in 1971. Does it sound like the original? Not something worth mentioning. Is it a more stable device with modern facilities? 100%.


2 Sequential Pro3

Dave Smith updated his ‘Pro’ line with yet another paraphonic synth with muscle. It has 2 VCOs and a Wavetable oscillator with 32 sets of 16 wavetables, 3 filters, extensive LFOs and sequencing capabilities. It may look intimidating but it’s the most intuitive Dave Smith synth out there, and one of the best synths of 2020.

£1,459/£1,960, buy here.

3 ASM Hydrasynth

The Hydrasynth has a personality for epic sounds of the future and is riding the wave (pun intended) of the wavetable revival with its attractive price-point, ease of use and trunk of wavetable posibilities. The new desktop version has a keypad that doubles as a keyboard.

£799, buy here.

Korg Wavestate 4

A smaller update to the classic Wavestation with 1000+ times the internal capacity. If you want real-world sounds like brass or strings made via subtractive synthesis on hardware equipment, this is one of the best synths out there. Good for preset crate diggers who like to tweak, it has parameter lock-style sequencing for deep, trippy sequences.

£644, buy here.

5 Moog Subsequent 25

Nearly all of us can agree, the Sub-Phatty was one of the best synths out there and an entry point into Moog’s universe. Now Moog has updated it with the Subsequent 25, a more compact, budget Moog with 2-note paraphony and an updated modern audio engine. The most powerful knobs are on the top so you’ll need the software to access the more in-depth features.

£812, buy here.

The top 5 synths of 2020 should get the creative juices flowing with no problems.

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