First talked about last year, Adobe‘s latest mobile app, Photoshop Camera is now available, completely free of charge.

For those who missed the original unveiling announcement, Adobe’s Photoshop Camera is a mobile app that directly adds Photoshop-style effects and filters once the camera has taken the pic.

It features an intelligent camera technology named Adobe Sensei, which automatically enhances the quality of the photo and permits the system to analyze your picture.

Once it reads the data, the app will show a range of effects and filters that it thinks will improve your shots, all customizable through the application.

Photoshop Camera also allows you to export your images in the standard Photoshop extension, the .PSD format.

This makes it way more convenient to throw your pics directly into the desktop version of Photoshop for further editing.

We think you’ll be seeing Adobe’s Photoshop Camera App everywhere going forward.

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera App Has Now Launched For Free

Play home, play away.

You can move through stunning looks by the lenses and camera effects to apply before or after the camera has taken the pic.

It’s super peasy to exchange them in and out, so now you won’t have to bother about changing your mind.

And you can keep your faves to use again and again.

Blowing up your socials.

Show off your unique style with Photoshop lenses created by featured artists and influencers, including Billie Eilish.

Post photos from right inside Photoshop Camera — and see how easy it is to express yourself in different ways.


It’s pretty smart.

Photoshop Camera is stacked with mind-blowing AI-powered bits that help you create amazing selfies, food and scenery shots, and more.

Super fast fixes like portrait re-lighting and dist removing means you can post pics that look like you took way more time on them than you did.

Available now for free, those interested can head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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