Arturia has announced a new virtual synth, the OB-Xa V.

The OB-Xa V is based on Oberheim’s OB-Xa synth, with Arturia saying its virtual synth “recreates the fat, aggressive sound.”

While it recreates features from Oberheim’s iconic instrument – used by the likes of Prince and Chaka Khan – their version adds new features.

These include a wide stereo spread, 16 voice polyphony (double the original).

The arpeggiator, huge unison, four function generators, embedded effect section and more than 400 deep, piercing presets.

Although there’s much more to see, it’s fantastic to just start here, using the core synthesis controls – the knobs and switches, to tweak and craft sounds.

And boy does it sound good.

There are over 400 presets grouped by category and they really show off the incredibly broad spectrum of what this synth can do.

As soon as you start to explore you’ll recognise tones and textures from albums you love or movies you’ve seen.

The sequenced patches are a particular delight – patches that are pure Stranger Things or Uncut Gems. And modifying patches is simple.

Just switching waveforms, balancing oscillators or playing with modulation and arpeggiation make a huge difference.

There’s even a History window where you can step back to any point in your edit. Elsewhere, basses are fat and rich, pads lush and all-encompassing and leads spiky and aggressive.

Arturia is offering a special deal, with it available for €149/$149 until June 9. Get more information here.

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