Claptone – Live in Germany.

The man in the mask recently performed a live stream for Defected’s Virtual festival live from Germany and pulled out some killer cuts exclusively for this DJ set.

Pulling in many familiar sounding tracks, Claptone always brings something special to the table with his own trademark sound.

While only being on camera (as with live videos), you do get the intimate feeling of actually being in the club.

A good set.

Watch it here:

Claptone – Live in Germany.

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Claptone is a German DJ and producer duo which specializes in house and tech house genres. They are recognizable by their plague doctor-style golden mask, which serves to intrigue the public as well as keeping their identity hidden.

“It was widely believed that Claptone is a single person, but after the public realized that Claptone often performed at two venues at once, the rumor started to spread that Claptone was two individuals”.

Claptone gained recognition in 2013 with the song “No Eyes” featuring JAW, from the electronic act dOP. They have released albums Charmer in 2015 on Different Recordings and The Masquerade Mixes in 2017.

Can’t wait for the next one.