Still missing Sopranos? Check out the the universe of digital DJ tech for your next fix. Home to a blood-thirsty battle for the top spot for the past few years, new shots were fired in Jan with the talk of Denon’s update of their Prime series of DJ players.

Pioneer has been Tony Soprano for decades thanks to its premium quality mixers, CD players and later USB players and DJ controllers, and Serato and Traktor have battled to reign over DJ software.

While the world of controllers for new and portable DJs has seen a direct mission between Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments and Denon, the universe of professional touring DJs has proven impossibly difficult to alter.

Known DJs prefer Technics decks and Pioneer CDJs. If you mess with their riders, you face the onslaught of their agents and tour managers.

Denon has been enviously watching Pioneer’s ownership for a long time now, and their 2017 slogan ‘Change Your Rider’ signaled fresh movement on the eve of the Prime series of software and DJ players.

In Jan they staged a fresh campaign launching 2 new players, a mixer and 2 new controllers.

The war of the families

This war comes down to Denon’s more-for-your-money feature-stacking V Pioneer’s expensive premium quality.

Denon’s new SC6000 and SC6000M DJ players both talk about bigger touchscreens and platters than the rival Pioneer players, and can stream music over WiFi, something Pioneer’s DJ players can’t currently do.

With DJs being who they are, Pioneer is unlikely to be dethroned any time soon. But technology rarely chills out for long, and Denon may well have to wait for whatever the next new frontier presents before they finally get their opportunity to ride the pony.

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