He was one of House music’s own legends, one of the biggest DJs in the world and more recently, a suspected rapist. The signs have been clubland-lore for a while and the question now arises, did we fail Erick Morillo?

Back in August 2020 the news broke about his involvement in the possible rape and some news outlets covered it. It still wasn’t majorly publicized though, with many of his fans still not aware of what was happening.

On September 1st 2020 news broke out across social media that one of the biggest electronic music stars in the world had passed away and thousands of music fans posted condolence messages in memory of a leading artist in the world of clubland.

The following morning however, some of those posts took a different turn with many voicing their opinions over earlier reports of the DJ turning himself into the local Police office after an accusation of rape by a female DJ in December 2019 and more rumors coming out confirming he died of an overdose a few days before the start of court proceedings.

But did we fail Erick Morillo?

We often brush off the knowledge that someone in our community may be possible of such actions with comments like “He just loves the ladies” or “He’s a pussy hound” without really looking further into some of the deeper accusations that are played-down due to the weight of the celebrity’s name in the industry.

We recently saw the same thing with Harvey Weinstein, eventually turning into the ‘Me too movement’ that saw the movie mogul not only fall from grace like a lead-filled ballon but then incarcerated and vilified for decades of sexual abuse shrouded by the industry he reigned over.

As time goes on, we’re seeing many more of our ‘heroes’ fall as the curtains are pulled back over the years and their past misdeeds are made public. More stories are coming out about Morillo’s addiction to Ketamine and his less-than-cordial nature towards some of the people who have worked with him.

If brought to the public eye earlier, would the truth come to surface either exonerating or bringing him to justice? Would he still be alive with the possibility of rehabilitation?

While some still defend the possibility of him being innocent and some openly condemning him, the real truths are only known by the possible living witnesses and Erick Morillo himself.