In the 2010s, Korg and Roland were manufacturing compact studio equipment with price tags that made producers around the world smile. Elektron, on the other hand, gave us pro-level equipment with huge features that were baffling to the unknown. Elektron’s new Model machine looks and sounds like a beast in a cage.

Presently, the Swedish brand has finally chosen to focus on the spending market with its Model range.

The example playing Model:Samples was leading the imprint in 2019, and has now been trailed by the Model:Cycles.

Not as straightforward as a Korg Volca, and despite the fact that both brag handle per-work controls, every handle accompanies a double reason.

Also, much like the Samples, the Cycles welcomes questions. Is it a drum machine?

Indeed, yet it can likewise do leads and harmonies. Why just six tracks?

The cost won’t permit more, it appears – except if you need to lose a portion of Elektron’s customizing features, for example, restrictive trigs (which other tech organizations have rushed to imitate).

The Cycles presently appears to affirm that the Model range will be based around Elektron’s pricier firsts.

Their FM synth, the Digitone, has demonstrated one of their most famous machines as of late, so it’s nothing unexpected a cut-value rendition rethought in the body of a Model:Samples has showed up, and it wouldn’t be an insane supposition to figure the following machine will be a type of changed Analog Four.

On the off chance that you’ve been peering toward up the Digitakt, Octatrack and Digitone yet haven’t had the option to extend your wallet, the Samples and now Cycles are a cheerful halfway purchase.

Elektron’s new Model machine is out now.


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