Transmitting their unique sound to the world from UK via Dubai, Hollaphonic are quickly making their mark in the international electronic music scene and have lots to say. Hollaphonic is wicked (and lazy).

Olly Wood and Greg Stainer first joined forces back in 2012 through a mutual DJ friend (Smokingroove).

Since then, we’ve seen a slew of high-profile gigs at some of the world’s biggest festivals, tie-ins with some the biggest brands and a consistent release of singles.

Their latest outing ‘Wicked and lazy’ sees Hollaphonic sampling the legendary release from Xpress2 while giving it a serious update for 2020.

Olly Wood recently gave us an insight into how they came about with the track:

Greg and I wouldn’t normally set about doing a cover track or a bootleg but we were working during lockdown on our beats and percussion and we really found a groove, so we decided, what if we applied that groove and that sound to a track that we loved and we’ve always been great fans of the XPress2 track and David Byrne’s vocal.

We wanted to take the percussion and lift it into a place where we could play it in our (Hollaphonic) sets, early or later and give it a vibe that was more perhaps more contemporary and up to date but stay respectful to the original tune and it all came together nicely.

We got the vocal and had some interest from Skint initially and then Spinnin’ Deep and were blessed with the opportunity to put it out as a rework of the original track.

Already being played on many radio shows by some of the biggest names in dance music, Hollaphonic only seem to get bigger and better.

This is a great thing to see from an organically-grown band.

As we’ve noted in the past, Hollaphonic really seem tipped for the top and they’re going for it.

Hollaphonic – Wicked & Lazy out now on Spinnin’ Deep.

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