We’ve all been there. Trying to live stream on Instagram or Facebook with your phone but the audio is less than pro audio as you’re relying on the built-in microphone to pick up the sound. How to do pro audio Instagram Live Streams.

You tried plugging in the mixer to the headphone input on the phone but it still sounds crappy.

This is because your phone’s input was made for a microphone, which carries a different micro voltage as opposed to a ‘Line Level’ input which uses a little more power.

But wait..

After doing some pretty extensive research, we found a tiny cable that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack that will convert the signal into something your phone likes.

But i don’t have a headphone jack..

Ok, you’ll have to plug the ‘Line Level’ adapter into your headphone adapter but essentially, that’s it. Super simple (see diagram below).

A simple way of getting pro-level audio into your live stream

These tend to disappear quickly and only appear every now and again so our advice is to grab one while you can as this will drastically fix your audio problems when live streaming through your phone on whatever platform you choose to use.

Where do i get one?

We managed to find the cable on Amazon, but it tends to vanish pretty abruptly. Unfortunately, it’s usually first come, first served with something like this.

Get yours here: Phone Line level Converter

See you online!

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