Have you been asking yourself “Is Instagram hiding my posts?..”

Instagram has spoken about rumors that it actively suppresses the reach of user posts on the social network.

In a statement published on its official Twitter account, Instagram stated that it has now not made any recent modifications to the way its feed algorithms work and that “we in no way hide posts from humans you’re following – if you keep scrolling, you’ll see them all.”

But Instagram defined that the order of posts in a feed is determined by the extent of person interaction – in different words, like its parent network Facebook, posts on Instagram are organized by way of ability level of engagement in place of in chronological order.

Is Instagram hiding my posts?
Denials of a shadow-ban from the tech giant.

Instagram followed Facebook’s algorithmic feed flow back in June 2016.

An internal review by Instagram itself discovered that before the algorithm changed was introduced, on average, customers ignored 70 percent of the posts on their feeds and 50 percent of the posts from their friends.

After the algorithm adjustment though, Instagram’s customers now see 90 percent of their friends’ posts.

And given those figures, current rumors that the platform had been limiting the reach of posts gives credence to the thought that most people are not scrolling down enough.

And having said the above, we’re seeing more people complaining of a cut-down reach to their followers.

This is Facebook’s model for attracting more people to spend money through boosts.

While yes, we post for free, an argument could be said for taking away something we had in the past.

As with most things about Facebook, it’s another thing to gripe about for many to live with.

Is Instagram hiding my posts? Only they know.

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