The infamous rapper is back with a politically-charged single featuring Dr. Dre and Travis Scott and want’s to put Kanye in the West wing. It’s never a dull day when the Yeezy founder has something to say.

Kanye West is back.

Kanye in the West wing

Kanye in the West wing

Some say he’s just causing a little controversy to promote his new single, some say he’s an ego-charged, maniacal artist and some just think he’s plain-old nuts.

One thing is absolutely right on the money, Kanye knows how to get the attention of pretty much the whole world.

His new single ‘Wash Us In The Blood’ comes at a time when there’s a lot of negativity in the air regarding Black rights in the U.S and a lot more attention on media-led protests against police brutality towards minorities.

Dr.Dre and Travis Scott also join him on the single.

On Saturday 4th of July, he posted on his Twitter account:

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States #2020VISION

Kanye West making public moves to make it in to the Westwing.
Kanye West making public moves to make it in to the Westwing.

While we (and anyone on the planet with a heartbeat) are wondering if he’s serious or just getting more public attention for the new single, it must be noted that his original tweet was retweeted more than 100,000 times within the first hour.

But could Kanye West become the actual President of the United States?

We think not but then again, we didn’t think we’d ever see a racist, narcissistic game-show host leading the free-world’s largest country either.

Maybe that was a little harsh.

One thing can be absolutely confirmed as a fact; Kanye West can get the media worked up into a frenzy, get tongues on social media wagging and more attention for his sneaker brand and musical releases.

We can’t wait to see what comes up next.

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