Mixcloud has launched a new live streaming platform called Mixcloud Live.

It’s available to all Mixcloud Pro subscribers, and is completely compatible with streaming software solutions including Open Broadcast Software (OBS), which is free, easy to set up and probably the most used software when it comes to live streaming. Even Mixcloud recommends it.

With more and more users of social media channels complaining of copyright takedowns by some of the major record labels, this new service could be seen as a big move to capture a growing segment of the user market, where creatives share content.

Mixcloud Live has been released earlier than expected to meet the massive demand for live streaming during lockdown in the pandemic and due to it being released early, Mixcloud has stated that there may be some bugs that they’re working out along the way.

As Mixcloud is a licensed and fee-paying service platform, it means your live streams shouldn’t be taken down or muted (hey Facebook, we’re looking at you) over copyright issues, which often affects streams on the likes of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and now Twitch.

Mixcloud has now officially launched the new live streaming platform as they start to solidify their hold on the DJ mix market. A great move.

Find out more here and purchase Mixcloud Pro here.

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