In an open letter to his fans, Solomun explains why he has said no live streams for Solomun.

He wrote:

Dear all,

it’s been a while since you’ve last heard from me, because I didn’t really know how to check in either in these confusing times.

For months we have all been affected by a worldwide event through COVID-19 – and even though things are slowly returning to normal in some parts of the world, the nightlife, clubs and festivals that we love and miss the most are still the ones most affected.

First out, last in – that’s what it looks like.

The events of the last weeks and months have been very confusing for everyone – myself included. For the first time I didn’t and still don’t know how to act.

Like probably all of us, I have learned a lot about loneliness and isolation in recent times. With family, with friends – not least with myself.

The digital face of it

To put it bluntly, no digital medium can replace what is most important for the human soul: visiting your own mother and giving her a hug. Or your loved ones, your friends, your family.

I have seen many great colleagues who have started live streams from their homes or from empty clubs – and of course I have thought about doing such a live stream over and over again. To give me and you out there some joy and hope.

But I always decided against it, and maybe that was wrong, but I would like to explain to all of you why I made this decision.

No live streams for Solomun unless he has a physical audience
No live streams for Solomun unless he has a physical audience

I decided against a live stream from isolation because I don’t believe that digital can replace analogue.

I am of course a friend of the digital possibilities, if they complement or amplify the real, analogue world. But if they are supposed to replace the analogue world, I realize that I can’t go along with that.
Perhaps I am too old-fashioned or too much of a romantic.

For me, the most important thing about my passion, which I was allowed to turn into my profession, is: to transport music and to bring people together through that. In one place, at one time, under one groove.

That is the divine power that only music has: to unite people, who melt together and transcend in music.

He continues

With all my humbleness: obviously I can’t fully understand and feel the pain of the black communities.

And that’s why it’s right and important that the music industry and its protagonists have now positioned themselves on another topic that concerns us all: The necessary fight against structural racism in the world.

What I believe is that music loves and embraces all people. And we as mankind should always rise above racism.

Back to bringing people together with music: As I said, maybe it was wrong, but I just couldn’t imagine playing music in a live stream without feeling the people, their reactions, their needs, their vibes – without the fusion.
Just to transport music from an empty room to other rooms where people are not allowed to melt.

At a time when everyone is forced to be more or less alone at home.

Of course I would have loved to present you new music, of course I personally missed very much not being allowed to be with you through music. But if the real space where it takes place is missing, I could not really imagine it, it remained too abstract.

And that’s why I decided again and again against an isolated live stream.

Something is coming..

My team and I have tried everything in the last weeks and months to get a live stream approved where at least a few people could have been on the dancefloor.

A small event where all the people who would be there would have been tested on Covid-19 beforehand.

A small temporary island, so to speak, where everyone would be able to move freely and hug each other, love each other and let the music drive them.

I would have loved to stream such a picture of hope into the world at any time.

And particularly not an event where you have to dance and move with masks and a safe distance between each other.

Or even play in front of flashing means of transportation.

Because I’m not sure if that would really bring back positive memories, when the most important thing is missing: the community.

The love. The connection through music.

To make a long story short: despite all our efforts and guarantees, no German authority has allowed us to stage such an event.

But the club doors in Switzerland have now opened up again, at least a little bit.

That’s why this Saturday at the Nordstern in Basel I will be able to play in front of 300 people and stream a part of this event live to my previously unused Youtube channel ( ).

I’m really looking forward to that, I’m also incredibly excited and happy to play and to share my music with you again after such a long time.

The second coming..

Also, my second album should have been released in the next few weeks, which I have been working on for the last three years and I can’t wait to release it.

And from the beginning, it was my personal wish to create music videos for each single.

Unfortunately, the past months didn’t allow for any video shooting to take place, which is why the release of the album is being pushed towards the end of the year, if all goes as planned.

The first video is in its final stages, and as soon as its ready, we will definitely release it.

I really hope that you all are doing as well as possible and that you don’t lose hope – and please forgive my long, intimate and emotional post on my socials which I usually use to communicate via music.

Normally I prefer to let the music speak for itself rather than to personally talk, but after such a long time I felt the need to share my feelings with you.


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