The recent pandemic has brought many things to the forefront. The complete surprise attack of it took us all off guard and many business sectors suffered as a result. Today we’re sadly saying RIP Mixmag magazine, albeit just the physical part of it until next year.

Nick Stevenson, Managing Director of Wasted Talent, who owns Mixmag confirmed the magazine will be ‘pausing’ printing of the physical magazine until next year but the digital output would still be there.

“Due to the global pandemic, Mixmag’s print magazine was paused in April and will remain paused until we bring it back next year. Although the print magazine makes up just a small part of our revenues we are all immensely proud of it and we look forward to its return. Until then, Mixmag continues to reach over 100 million dance music fans every month through daily digital, social and video content from our 16 international Mixmag offices.”

Some of the staff members confirmed they had been made redundant over the last week as we see another institution forced to lose staff.

Mixmag has been the world’s leading dance music publication since it’s inception in 1982 and has been at the forefront of electronic music news.

We at International DJ Times will be awaiting their return and would also like to salute all the staff at Mixmag for everything they have achieved over the years.

rip mixmag for now
RIP Mixmag Magazine.. For now.

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