Solomun & Sven Väth collaborate for a charity.

Kerri Chandler is also among 90 DJs who have given material for ‘Giving Compilation #1’, a special charity compilation, fund-raising for Food For Ibiza.

And Solomun & Sven Väth will also collaborate for future material too.

Solomun & Sven Väth collaborate
Kerri Chandler joined Solomun & Sven Väth to collaborate for charity.

It’ll be released on Non Profit Label, a new recording label started by Grego G, Stephane Ghenacia and Alex Garcia.

Food For Ibiza is a non-benefit that plans to give food to less fortunate families living throughout the entire year.

Stephane Ghenacia, Grego G and Alex Garcia all live in Ibiza, and said that, ‘the individuals who work and live here add to saving the uncommon and novel personality of Ibiza.

The Ibiza individuals and children are the eventual fate of this supernatural island, so we need to look after them.

“We have made a Non-Profit Label solely committed to this reason and task, and all the benefits will be given to the Food For Ibiza affiliation.”

‘The idea is basic: join together artists to make music and make a direct effect on the network.

We thought to begin with forty artists and the total just got greater and greater.’

The compilation is now accessible for download through Bandcamp, and was released onto other streaming platforms this week.

As we get deeper into 2020, we see more charitable events to cope with the downturn to the culture sector.

Recently (link below), the Australian government allocated $250 million dollars towards the arts to deal with the economic downturn.

And no doubt we’ll be seeing more of these initiatives, looking after performers and entertainers around the world.

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