What more can be said aside from what we all know? The entertainment industry in 2020 has globally taken a knock, unlike any we’ve ever seen.

Artists and performers are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, everyone from operational staff to back-office management has been hit by the sudden pause on the industry and many businesses forced to close or to sadly let go of employees.

The Entertainment Industry in 2020
Tourist destinations have felt the full force of the shutdown.

Those who managed to keep their jobs were lucky, with many people having to take huge pay cuts to keep their employer in the game for another day. It’s too easy to say that no one saw this coming. We all know that.

The question is, where do we go from here?

With health & safety restrictions rightly being placed in all social areas of society around the world, the hospitality and entertainment sectors were hit worse than any other as the core of their business is almost 100 percent about customers being physically there.

We’re now after nearly six months starting to see glimmers of normality, albeit with heavy restrictions. We’ve seen the white isle of Ibiza, the mecca of electronic music reduced to a sleepy and peaceful island in what would normally be the busiest time of the year.

Cities with vast populations have stopped nightlife altogether and many have no way to support the staff behind their venues, forcing many people to look into other industries and to learn new skills.

But somewhere in this nightmare is a shining light.

Those who chose to learn some new skills rather than laying on the couch, chewing Doritos while binge watching a series or ten on Netflix, went forward and added to their mental artillery, making them more valuable in terms of what they can achieve.

Some have gone into business for themselves in the hope they can build a more independent future for their families.

Will the market get back to where it was?

Of course it will. And it’ll reach new heights too.

We’re in a business that generates billions of dollars every year across the world. People need entertainment, both digital and physical. Even if the Covid-19 virus were to continue, at some point, the human race would find an antidote or a way around it. We’re resourceful. We’re human.

Sometime soon, we’ll be back on the dance floors, back in the hotels and back in the airports. The entertainment industry in 2020 had a knock but it’s like Mike Tyson getting punched. At some point, he’s going to punch back. And when he does, he’ll mean business.

Get ready to work. It’s coming soon.

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