It sounds crazy. A collaboration between the mogul Italian fashion house of Versace and the adidas line of Yeezy 350 V2.

Versace Adidas Yeezy 350
Versace Adidas Yeezy 350 custom collab

In another universe, it might sound crazy but we have also seen collaborations between Dior & Air Jordan, Virgil Abloh and just about every major sneaker brand so this kind of fits the bill.

But for this? head to Detroit Customs.

Versace Adidas Yeezy 350
The material comes from the Versace 1991 Fall/Winter collection.

Detroit Customs took an expensive Versace silk scarf and re-engineered the already exclusive 350 V2 tripple white sneaker . 

To some it may look like a garish eyesore but equally, to some it could look like the work of Gianni Versace himself. 

The white/gold scarf came from the fall/winter 1991 collection Versace released nearly 30 years ago.

Versace Silk scarf
Now a scarf no more

While it could be deemed as heartbreaking to chop up a classic luxury item like this, the fact that’s it’s being crafted into something more unique may have more appeal. 

Versace Adidas Yeezy 350
On foot is dividing sneakerheads opinions

The overall texture of the baroque-style material add a new layer of exclusivity to Kanye’s signature brand.

Material is cut for crafting to the sneaker.

Whether it’s your type of sneaker or not is up to you but someone, somewhere is going to be rocking these.

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